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The Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the company’s marketing initiatives. He or she does market research and analysis in order to create efficient and effective strategies. He or she oversees the production of all materials and the implementation of all campaigns.


The store supervisor makes certain that all directives are cascaded to the team and are observed consistently. People management is of paramount importance for a supervisor. He should be able to keep his team members in line. The store supervisor should also be results driven, constantly working towards hitting the targets set for his team.


The Visual Merchandising Coordinator is responsible for creating product highlight and seasonal window and in-store campaigns while designing and implementing store planograms. The incumbent reports directly to the Brand Director.


The Inventory Specialist ensures the inventory accuracy of all the items in the store. He is responsible in communicating seamlessly with the different departments for concerns about stocks in the store. He has the foresight to ensure that the saleable items have enough space in the stockroom. All SRPs tagged on the items emanates from the Inventory Specialist.


The Buyer is responsible for planning and selecting a range of products to sell. S/He ensures that the right merchandise is available at the right store with correct pricing. The Buyer sees to the health of overall inventory and sales offtake. S/He is the gatekeeper for each item's profitability.


Ensures the accuracy of sales information. This position is responsible for the timely recording and resolution of sales discrepancies, if any. Performs a variety of routine and some non-routine clerical accounting functions in accordance with standard procedures. Reconciles appropriate accounts.

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