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The Brand Manager is responsible for the overall direction and execution of Capital. S/he will direct the creation and implementation of marketing plans, develop an engaging consumer experience, determine preferred store locations, and achieve sales targets. S/he conducts market research to come up with efficient and effective brand strategies. S/he collaborates with Merchandising to come up with compelling product stories that resonate with the target market.

Head Office


The Merchandising Specialist assists the Buyer or the Merchandising Manager with all merchandising-related responsibilities such as product mix selection, orders, inventory monitoring, report preparation, and administrative assistance to keep the merchandising process streamlined, effective, and efficient. S/he also works closely with the brand partners to manage the orders and deliveries.



The Store OIC makes certain that all directives are cascaded to the team and are observed consistently. People management is of paramount importance for an OIC. He should be able to keep his team members in line. S/he should also be results-driven, constantly working towards hitting the targets set for his team.



The Cashier is responsible for processing transactions of customer purchases with a high level of TOP customer service, as this last touch point is crucial in making customers feel that their hard-earned money is valued.  S/he makes certain that all matters pertaining to payments are complete and balanced.  Preparation and submission of reports related to in-store purchases are also expected from a cashier.



The Inventory Specialist ensures the inventory accuracy of all the items in the store. S/he is responsible for communicating seamlessly with the different departments for concerns about stocks in the store. S/he has the foresight to ensure that the saleable items have enough space in the stockroom. All SRPs tagged on the items emanate from the Inventory Specialist.



The Sales Associate is responsible for engaging with customers to be able to close a sale or give assistance to what the customers need. S/he should have the target and sales as his top priority, executing the expected high level of TOP customer service. S/he shall also make certain that items on the sales floor are in order, well-kept and displayed according to standards.

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